How can I view the status of the applicants I've invited to schedule?




There are several places inside of each submission where you can view an applicants' scheduling details!


Scheduling data is easy to view across the platform! You can always see this information in your Submission table as well, but this article will focus on what is available inside of a submission.

When you open a submission, you can look in the "About" section of the left side of your screen to see some quick details about a submission. One section of this panel is called "Schedule" and will always show a Session Name and Timeslot info if this applicant has booked a timeslot. 




The other essential location is the "Scheduling" tab. This be the right-most tab at the top of your submission and shows a little more detail than the "About" section.




Here, you can see not only any booked timeslots but any invitations as well. You can also invite applicants to additional schedules, un-invite applicants, or even from remove them from a timeslot!


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