Submissions Table columns we recommend using to view Scheduling information



There are several helpful columns in your Submissions table to help you keep track of the status of each applicant for scheduling purposes!


We recommend adding these columns and saving a new view if you use scheduling. This is a great way to see your scheduling data at a high level and sort, filter, and export this information.


Slot Status:

Fully Scheduled: The applicant has selected a timeslot in all schedules they've been invited to.

Partially Scheduled: The applicant has selected a timeslot in some of the schedules they've been invited to. Keep in mind that depending on your process, applicants may not necessarily need to select a timeslot in all schedules.

Unscheduled: The applicant has been invited to a schedule(s) but has not yet selected a timeslot(s).

No Status: The applicant has not yet been invited to any schedules.


Timeslot Start: This displays the individually assigned timeslots for each applicant.


Sessions: This displays the sessions the applicant has been scheduled for.


Schedule Name: This displays the invitations the applicant has received.


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