How do I assign Adjudicators to a session?



Tip.pngAssigning a user as an adjudicator will allow them to see the sessions that they are taking part in. This will also allow them to join AuditionRoom if you're using it for your live-virtual auditions or interviews!


To assign adjudicators, you will first click the Schedule tab and select the Schedule drop-down. In the calendar view, navigate to your list of schedules in the left margin. 


Assigning Adjudicators to Individual Sessions

If you're making changes to a single Session, you can select it to open the Session Details. Then, click the plus sign next to Adjudicators Assigned. 


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From there, you can select users (categorized by permission level) to assign them to that Session. When all adjudicators are selected, click Save Assignments. You can then exit out of that editor window. 


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Bulk-Assigning Adjudicators to Multiple Sessions

Bulk-assignment allows you to assign adjudicators to multiple sessions at once. After you have selected a Schedule from the calendar view, click the Bulk Assign Session Adjudicators button on the left.




Check the box next to the names of the adjudicator(s) you would like to assign to the sessions. Then, scroll down to check the box next to the sessions to give the selected adjudicators access.


For either method, users will be added to the list of Adjudicators under each session, and they will have access to the assigned sessions in their Agenda!




Note: Follow these links if you need to add Sessions or Users.


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