Application Question fields



Page: Pages separate your application into sections for the applicant. You can select an existing page or create a new page.


Question: Write your question for the applicant here!


Question Type: Your selection here will determine how the applicant answers the question. Please review our available question types to determine which will be best for the information that you hoping to gather from the applicant. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact your Account Relations Specialist at and they would be happy to advise!

Some of the question types, have associated fields which are noted below.

  • Minimum Count / Maximum Count: Please note the minimum and maximum media uploads that are allowed for this question
  • Maximum Word Count: Please note the maximum word count that is allowed when the applicant is answering the question
  • Active / Disabled / Archived Options: Put all options that you would like visible and active to the applicant in the 'Active Options' box. If you ever need to remove or disable an option, please reference our guide here


Description: Any descriptive text written here appears beneath your question. It can be very useful to provide clarification about how you would like the applicant to answer the question.


Is this question required?: Select yes or no!


Parent Question: If the question is conditional on the answer to another question, you will select that previous 'Parent Question' here. Once you select a Parent Question, you will be prompted to select the response(s) that should trigger this question.


Blind: If you would like the question to be hidden from all Reviewers who have access to applications with this question, select the checkbox. 


Admin Only: If you would like your question to be for those in your organization to make any necessary notes or additions to an application, select the checkbox. You can consider Admin Only questions similar to the section on physical applications labeled “For Office Use Only.” Admin Only questions are never seen by the applicants. If you'd like to know more, click here


Custom Field: Select this checkbox if you would like this question and associated answer to appear in the About section when viewing an application.




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