How do I change the options for a question with dropdown choices?



If you need to add, edit, or remove an option from a Choices or Multiple Choices question, you can make changes within the Application Questions table.



Adding Brand-New Choices

1. Select the question from the Application Questions table.

2. Create a new space (Enter or Return) within the Active Options list.

3. Type the new option(s) in the order you would like them to appear for applicants.


Editing or Removing Existing Choices

1. Select the question from the Application Questions table.

2. Cut (Ctrl+X or Command+X) the existing choice from the Active Options section.

3. Paste (Ctrl+V or Command+V) it in the Disabled Options or Archived Options section.

4. If editing, type the new option you would like to show on the application within the Active Options section.


The Disabled Options section should only include those options that are no longer relevant for the current cycle. A good example is an audition date that has passed. After the date has passed, you can move it down to the disabled section so that it's still available as a criteria to search on in your Submissions table, but it is no longer an active option for an applicant to select.

The Archived Options section is for options that were active in a previous cycle but are not relevant for the current cycle. This allows the options to be available in your Archived Submissions table, but not in your current Submissions table.


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