How do I invite applicants to schedule themselves?



If your scheduling process involves applicants choosing their own timeslots, you'll need to invite them to the schedule before they have access. This guide covers the two ways to do this!


OPTION 1: Automatically inviting by assigning programs to your Schedule

If your applicants should automatically have access to choose a timeslot after they complete their application, this is the option you'll want to use. By assigning programs to the schedule, any applicant who is in that program will automatically be invited. To do this, navigate to your calendar view and double click on any schedule on the bottom left to open the schedule details. Here, you can see which programs are assigned and add any additional ones by clicking the + button.




You can also assign to a particular Stage of that program, which is useful if applicants shouldn't receive access right away. For example, you could assign the schedule to the Live Audition stage so any applicant who is moved to that stage will gain access. 




OPTION 2: Manually Inviting from the Submissions Table

Inviting/assigning applicants from the submissions table is a great way to invite multiple applicants at once. This is usually done if applicants don't automatically have access, and need to be manually invited before they can schedule.

From your main submissions table, check the box next to the applicant(s) you want to invite to schedule. Then, click Group Actions and select Schedule from the dropdown menu.



In the new window that appears, you can assign them to the group that they should have access to.

Once an applicant is assigned to a group, if you've set up an "invited" notification, they will receive a notification letting them know they login and select their timeslot. If you do not have that notification set up, you will need to message the applicant with these instructions.




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