How do I Share Adjudication?




Sharing Adjudication allows your applicants to see feedback directly from your Reviewers! 


What is shared with applicants when adjudication is shared?:

  • All Ratings and Notes in the Ratings tab submitted by the selected Reviewer and in the selected stage.


What is NOT shared with applicants when adjudication is shared?:

  • Names of Reviewers who have submitted a Rating or Note.
    • If a Reviewer would like to share their name and/or contact information, they can include it in a Note.
  • Comments submitted in the Comments tab of an application. 
  • Recommendations using the Yes, Maybe, No buttons above the Comments Tab.



How do I Share Adjudication?

1. First, reach out to your Account Relations Specialist to enable the Share Adjudication feature in your account. 

2. Navigate to the Submitted Ratings Table (Submissions, then select Submitted Ratings from the dropdown menu).

3. Select the applicants who should be able to view Shared Adjudication by checking the box on the left side of the table. 

  • When selecting applicants, pay close attention to the Reviewer and the stage that appears in the selected row. All Ratings and Notes submitted by the selected Reviewer in the selected stage for the selected applicant will be shared. 

4. Click on the Group Actions Tab. Click Share Adjudication with Applicant


5. If you no longer want the applicant to have access to their Adjudication, follow steps 2-4 above, then select Revoke Adjudication from Applicant. 


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