Can applicants see the status of their application?


Yes! Applicants can see the status of their applications. After logging in to Acceptd and navigating to their home page, the applicant will see one of three labels highlighted under the App Status section of each application. 




IN PROGRESS means the application is in an Application stage and waiting for the applicant to submit. This label applies to the original application stage, as well as any additional application stages the applicant is moved into. Applicants can make changes to their application when it is In Progress.


PENDING means that the applicant's application has been successfully submitted, but is awaiting documentation from one or more recommenders. Applicants cannot make changes to their application once it is Pending, but they can resend the recommender email as a reminder for their recommender.


SUBMITTED means that the applicant has completed a recent application stage and the application is currently in an adjudication stage. Applicants cannot make changes to their application once it has been Submitted. 


Note: If your applicants are having issues or have any questions about their Pending status or recommenders, please refer them to our Support Help Desk.


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