How do I delete a submission? (Account Owners & Program Managers)



Once an application has been submitted it cannot be deleted by the applicant, the organization, or the Account Relations team. Submitted applications are archived each year during the re-setup process.


We recommend using Tags and Saved Views to hide any submitted applications that you want to remove from your Submissions Table: 


1. Create and assign Tags ("N/A" or "Not Applicable") to submissions you want to remove from your Table.

2. Make sure the Tags column is in your table. Then, filter your table by de-selecting your new "N/A" Tag to remove these tagged applications. (All other Tags should be selected if you only want to remove the N/A applications.) Click outside of the drop-down menu to save your changes. 



Once you have added the necessary columns and filtered out the N/A Applications, you can then create a new Saved View or Overwrite your existing Saved Views by de-selecting the new Tag from the Tags column in each view. 


There are two exceptions to deleting applications: 

  • An applicant is able to delete any In-Progress application that they have started but not submitted. This will remove their application from your In-Progress view.
  • Test applications submitted with a coupon code can be deleted. Please reach out to your Account Relations Specialist with the corresponding App IDs.


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