How can I change an applicant's program after they have submitted? (Account Owners & Program Managers)



If an applicant has submitted an application for the wrong program, please reach out to your Account Relations Specialist to move the application to the correct program. 


Once an application has been assigned to the correct program by your Account Relations Specialist, the application will appear in your Submissions Table for the correct program.


If the correct program's application has questions that differ from the initial application, these questions will appear blank on the application. An Account Owner can either edit the application on behalf of the applicant or re-open the application for the applicant to complete any missing information.


Please note:

  • If the application is re-opened for the applicant to complete missing information, the correct program's submission fee(s) will be charged to the applicant upon resubmission. Your Account Relations Specialist can provide a coupon code to allow the applicant to re-submit without paying a second submission fee.
  • If the applicant has marked in any part of their application that they meet specific criteria or eligibility requirements for the wrong program, the applicant is not eligible to have their program changed and must submit a second application with the submission fee for the correct program.


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