How do I use the "Bulk Find/Replace" feature?




This feature will be very useful when needing to change a date, name, email, or any other information in bulk within the text of your guidelines, confirmation messages, or both! 


To bulk find/replace within your program's guidelines and confirmation messages, navigate to Programs on the horizontal top menu and select Programs from the dropdown menu.

Then, make sure all programs are showing on one page by expanding the results per page to 500 at the bottom of the Programs table so it reads 1 of 1. (Note: If you have more than 500 programs, you will need to go through this process for as many pages of 500 programs you have.)




Then, select all programs via the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column.




Once all programs are selected, click the green Group Actions button that appears at the bottom of the page. Then select Bulk Find/Replace.




In the find/replace editor, type the text you are looking to replace in the Find textbox and then the text you would like to replace it with in the Replace with textbox.


Once your results have appeared, check the checkbox next to the areas in the platform you would like to replace the text (Guidelines, Confirmation Message, or both) and click "Replace." 




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