How do I create and assign Recommender Questions?




If you will be collecting applicant recommendations through Acceptd, these are the questions that will sent to the applicant's recommender. Just like application question, creating a recommender question is a two-step process! The first step is to create the question and the second step is to assign it to the appropriate program(s). Both steps must be completed for a question to be sent to the recommender.



1. Navigate to Programs and select Recommender Questions from the dropdown menu

2. Click the Add + button

3. Fill in the required fields, and click Create Question. To learn more about the required fields, click here

Note: Here is a list of the different question types that we offer.



1. Navigate to Programs and select Programs from the dropdown menu

2. Click on the program(s) that you would like to assign the question

3. Select Recommendation Questions from the tabs along the top of the program editor that opens

4. Click the + next to any question that you would like to add to the program(s). This will move the question from the Available Questions side to the Recommendation Questions side. The Recommendation Questions side represents all active questions.

5. Click Close to save your changes



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