How to create Guideline Templates




Guideline Templates can be created for different sections of the guidelines which can then be layered before or after one another to create cohesive and customized guidelines for a program or group of programs. 


To create Guideline Templates, navigate to Programs on the horizontal top menu and select Guideline Templates from the dropdown menu.

On the Guideline Templates page, click Create Guideline to create your template. Make sure to title the template clearly so you will be able to easily remember the contents of the template. Then, in the Content text box, create your guidelines using any of the text formatting tools. 

Guideline Template Name examples

  • Beginning Guidelines
  • Department Information
  • Brass Instruments Guidelines
  • Wind Instruments Guidelines
  • Musical Theatre Guidelines
  • Audition Information Guidelines
  • Contact Info Guidelines

Once your template has been named and formatted in the text box, be sure to click the Save button to save it in the platform. 


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