Organization Menu (Account Owners)





Our Organization menu gives Account Owners easy access to settings and features that affect the organization as a whole. Click on a link below to learn more about that page or table!

Note: available menu options may vary by user.

  • Organization Settings: This page hosts essential settings for your organization, including your URL (where applicants can find your programs), display name, organization type, application goal, and contact information for security and billing.
  • Landing Page: The public page where applicants find program and organization information, you can edit all elements of your landing page, including photos, location, social media links, welcome message, and the featured YouTube video.
  • Users: From the Users table, you can easily add and remove users from your account, assign permissions, and send forgot password emails to others in your organization.
  • Reporting: The Reporting page is a great place to see a snapshot of your submission activity, decisions, and progress toward your submission goal!
  • FTP Setup: Create FTP Connections for data exports to supporting systems. Please reach out to your Account Relations Specialist to enable this page.
  • Enable Stripe Connect: If your organization collects program or tuition fees, use this page to integrate your organization's Stripe account to Acceptd and collect these fees as soon as they are submitted by an applicant. Please reach out to your Account Relations Specialist to enable this page.
  • IntegrationsCreate customized integrations with your supporting platforms.


Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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