What are Admin Only questions?




Admin Only questions are a way for your organization to make any necessary notes or additions to an application. Admin Only questions are never seen by the applicants. You can consider these similar to the section on physical applications labeled “For Office Use Only.”


Here are some example uses of Admin Only questions:

University ID

Housing/Meal plan information

Additional audition information

Status of university application

Admin Only questions can be used to filter data in the submissions table.

The questions can be used as template variables for messaging.


Admin Only are set up by creating a question and selecting the Admin Only checkbox.



Once created, Account Owners and Programs Managers can answer these questions directly from the application. In the application view, navigate to the Admin tab then, click on the Edit Application button in the top right corner.




Note: Please email accountrelations@getacceptd.com if you have any questions about adding Admin Only questions!


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