What is the Submitted Ratings table? (Account Owners & Program Managers)




You might know the Submitted Ratings table by its former name, the Critiques table!


The Submitted Ratings table allows you to view the adjudication details each reviewer has made for each submission (or application) and is a great way to track reviewer progress and organize your adjudication results. To access the table, navigate to Submissions and select Submitted Ratings from the dropdown menu.

The table is organized by users and their corresponding ratings/comments for each application they are assigned. You can add columns for each of the rating scales, comments and recommendations. You can also add columns to view applicant data from the submission. 

We recommend filtering the table using the Auto-Assign and Manual Assign columns to select only the reviewers applicable to each submission. 

You can also filter out the results by specific stage, reviewer, program and any other column you add to the table.



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