How do I use the submissions reporting chart?




The submissions reporting chart is a useful tool to compare historical data! Additionally, viewing your in-progress numbers allows you to see where you had peaks of applications being started. These peaks may even align with your marketing and recruitment efforts!


To access the Submissions Reporting Chart, navigate to Organization and then select Reporting. Using this chart, you can view your progress over time compared to past cycles for both submitted and in-progress applications.


Selecting Your Cycles

Using the drop-down menu, you can select the cycles that you'd like to view in the chart.



The date filters will default to the range between the first submission and last submission in that cycle.

Example: In the below image, the first submission in 2016 was received on April 22 and the last submission was received on June 1.




These ranges are helpful in comparing two cycles that may not be exactly aligned by the same dates year to year.

To change the date range for the chart, you can use the calendar selector or manually type in your dates. If typing in the dates, be sure to click the enter button on your keyboard when you're ready to register the change. To revert back to the default range, click the circular arrow icon.


Reading the Chart

To pick out data from a specific date on the chart, hover your mouse over the point. You will see a tooltip display with the date, the number of submissions, and days from range start.

As mentioned earlier, it's helpful to have the days from start as a comparison when your cycles don't align exactly.



Note: Regardless of your date range, the chart will display the total number of submissions or in progress applications on any given date.


Viewing Your In Progress Numbers

To view your in-progress stats, select the In Progress button below the Submission Activity heading. 



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