How do I import information into my applications from JSON? (Account Owners)



Importing information into your applications via Admin Only Questions allows you to view additional information about your applicants that you may have collected externally!


1. To begin, please reach out to our Account Relations Team. We'll be happy to confirm some details for your setup and enable the Import Setup feature on your account!

2. Create your Admin Only questions. 

3. Assign your Admin Only questions to the needed programs.

4. After the Import Setup feature has been enabled by your Account Relations Specialist, navigate to Organization at the top of the page, then select Import Config from the dropdown menu.

Import Config.png


6. Click on the Create Import Config button.

7. Name your Import and select JSON as the Data Type. You can check "Share Across Organization" to make this import configuration available to other Account Owners, or leave the box unchecked to make it private.

9. Select your Matching Criteria and the key(s) from your JSON data that contain those criteria.

Matching Criteria.png

  • You can use any question or combination of questions from your account.
  • To locate the Question ID, navigate to Application Questions and add the Question ID column to the table.
  • You can add as many matching criteria as necessary by clicking on the Add Matching Criteria button.

10. Configure your Attributes by matching the Admin Only question to the corresponding JSON property.


  • For example, information from the "country" property in the JSON file will be filled into the "Country" Admin Only Question. 
  • You can add as many attributes as necessary by clicking on the Add Column button.

11. Once you have added all fields, click Save Import.

12. On the Import Config page, click the Upload File button to import your JSON file.

Upload File.png


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