What's the difference between a fee waiver and a coupon code?


There are two ways to waive or discount the application fee for applicants. Read the comparison below to find out which one is right for your applicant and their situation!


Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 11.30.58 AM.png

Click here to view our Fee Waiver Requirements.


Prior to applicants submitting their application, they are asked to pay via credit card. On the same screen, there is an area at the bottom left titled Coupon Code where the applicant can input their fee waiver or coupon code.

Payment Screen.png


If your program(s) collect fees in addition to Acceptd's portion, you have the option to manage and approve financial fee waivers for your applicants. Alternatively, Acceptd can do so on your behalf. Your Account Relations Specialist will confirm this preference with you prior to the start of each application cycle.




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