How do I update my Resources tab?




The Resources tab on your Landing Page is a great place to host videos, images, and documents applicants may need to refer to during the application process.


1. Navigate to your Landing Page by clicking on the Organization tab and selecting Landing Page from the dropdown menu. 


2.  Click on the Resources tab. 


3. Click on the blue pencil icon to open the upload window. 


4. To add media, click on the Attach Media box to select a file from your media library.


If you need to change or remove a piece of media from your Resources tab, click on the gear wheel in the corner of the file that needs to be updated. Select Change or Remove to update the file. 


5. Click on the Save Organization button to save your changes. 


6. Once your file has been saved, either click on the View option from the gearwheel menu shown above or click on the file. Then, copy the URL in the pop-up preview window and paste it into your hyperlink.


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