Where do I start as a new Account Owner?




Welcome to Acceptd! If you're a new Account Owner at an organization with an established Acceptd account, this article will help you find your bearings in the current or upcoming application cycle!



Getting Started

1. Confirm the following with your outgoing account owner, another account owner in your organization, or Acceptd's Account Relations Team

2. Review our Navigation Basics guides.

3. Review and update your contact information in your account's Organization Settings page.

4. Reach out to our Account Relations Team to connect with your organization's designated account relations specialist. We'll support you in managing your account's customized program setup.

  • If you use the Recruitment Network, also reach out to our Marketing Services Team to connect with your designated marketing services specialist. The Marketing Services Team will support you in using this feature.

5.  Determine where you are in your application process: 

AccountProcess Graphic_2x_01.png

    • If your applications are open, our full collection of Guides and Tutorials will be a helpful resource throughout your application cycle. We also recommend working with your fellow account users to determine: 
      • Frequently used message templates
      • Frequently used saved views
      • Stages of your unique application process (if applicable)
      • Your organization's fee waiver process
    • If you are in or are approaching the contract renewal period, no additional action is needed on your part! The Account Relations Team will reach out to confirm your plans for the next cycle and your next target open date. 
    • If you are in or are approaching the account re-setup period, the Account Relations Team sends timely reminders to guide you through the re-setup process. The re-setup process is necessary to update your account in time to meet your target open date for the next cycle of applications. These reminders begin approximately two months before your earliest target open date.



Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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