How do I allow an applicant to submit after the deadline?




Once your hard deadline has passed, applicants will no longer be able to submit. However, you can allow applicants to still submit on a case-by-case basis.



1. Navigate to Submissions and select Submissions from the dropdown menu.

2. Check the box next to the applicant(s) that need an extension on the deadline.

3. Click the green Group Action button that appears at the bottom of the page and then select Bypass Deadline from the dropdown menu.


These applicants will now be able to submit their applications. We recommend sending the applicant(s) a message confirming the deadline for their submission, since bypassing the deadline allows them to submit at any time.

If your program has multiple stages, please note that by selecting to bypass the deadline you are only bypassing the deadline for the applicant's current stage. 



To help you keep track of which applicants have been granted a deadline extension, we recommend creating a tag. For more info, read our article: What are tags and how do I use them?


You can also add the "Bypass Deadline" column to your table to filter which applicants have been given permission to bypass the deadline of their current stage.



Notes: If you want to allow applicants to continue to start and submit applications, we recommend extending your hard deadline. Read more about changing your deadlines.


If you need to bypass the deadline for an applicant who does not appear in your In Progress table, please reach out to the Account Relations team with the email address associated with the applicant's Acceptd account. 


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