What does Review Type mean?



Changing the review type is useful if you want to hide certain information from your reviewers, like name or address!


There are three review types available for your programs: Default, Half Blind, and Full Blind.

  • The Default review type allows your Reviewers to view all of the application information as well as each other's comments and ratings.
  • For a Half Blind program, Reviewers will not be able to see each other's comments and ratings, but will still be able to view the application answers.
  • In a Full Blind program, Reviewers cannot see each other's comments and ratings, and they also cannot see any application answers. They ONLY have access to the application media (images, videos, documents, audio).

Reviewers will not see applicants' names in the table and will instead see asterisks in place of the data.


All programs are set to Default review type when initially set up. If you would like to change your review type, follow the instructions below: 


1. Navigate to the Programs menu and then select Programs from the dropdown menu

2. Click on the name of the program you would like to update the review type for 

3. Click Adjudication and Ratings (the fifth tab listed at the top of the program editor) 

4. Expand the View/Edit Adjudication Details dropdown menu to display adjudication options 

5. Expand the Review Type dropdown menu and select which review type you would like to enable 

6. Click the Submit & Finish button


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