How do I edit Eligibility Requirements?



How to edit which programs Eligibility Requirements are assigned to

1. Navigate to Programs and then select Programs from the dropdown menu

2. Click on the program that you would like to edit. To select multiple programs, check the boxes next to their names, navigate to Group Actions, and select Edit Programs from the menu.

3. Select Eligibility Requirements from the tabs along the top of the program editor that opens.

4. Use the or - signs next to any requirement that you would like to add or remove from the program. This will move the requirement between the Available Requirements side and the Eligibility Requirements side. The Eligibility Requirements side represents all active requirements.




How to edit the content of an Eligibility Requirement

1. Navigate to Programs and select Eligibility from the dropdown menu

2. Click on the requirement that you would like to edit

3. Edit the text as needed and click Create Requirement


Note: If you'd like to create new eligibility requirements, this guide will walk you through the process.


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