How do I add users?



1. Navigate to Organization and then select Users from the dropdown menu

2. Click the Add + button




3. Fill in all required fields information and click Create User


First Name/Last Name: The first and last name of the user.

Email: Make sure this is a valid email address, as all notifications and password requests will be sent to this address.

Permission Level: This will give the user certain permissions. Read more about the permission levels here.

4. The final step is to assign your user to the programs they should be able to view. Account Owners will automatically see all applications and have editing capabilities for your organization. However, Program Managers and Reviewers need to be assigned. Instructions on assigning your users.


Note: When you add a new user, they will get an automatic email from Acceptd with login instructions. If the user already has an account with Acceptd for another organization, they can use their same login information to access both organizations and will receive an automatic notification about their new organization assignment. If a user is associated with another organization, their "Native Organization" will show in your users table.  


Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing





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