What are tags and how do I use them?



Tags are like internal post-it notes for your organization! They are an easy, color-coded way to label and sort your applicants!


To create a tag, click on Tags icon. Then type in what you want to name your tag and click Create Tag +.

Your tags will be added below. You can edit them and delete them as needed. The number of tags you can add is unlimited.





To tag one or more submissions, check the boxes that appear to the left of the applicants' names in your table and then select the Group Actions button that appears. From here, select Tag.




Click on this button to bring up the tags window. Here you can select and deselect as many tags as needed. You can also Manage Tags from this window if you need to create a new tag.




Lastly, you can then sort & filter using tabs in any of the tables. Click the Search button at the top left of the table. Next, you'll be able to click on the drop-down menu at the top of the Tags column in your table.

This will show you the full list of tags that you have created. You can filter by one tag or multiple tags. Simply check the box next to the tag(s) you want to filter by. You can also filter by applicants that have no tag. 

Click out and your table will automatically update.



Note: Please make sure that the Tags column is displayed in your table. If you do not see it, please go to Columns and click on the box next to Tags.


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