How do I message applicants?




Messaging is an efficient way to communicate with your applicants within Acceptd! You can also message your In-Progress applicants to motivate them to submit their materials!


1. Navigate to Submissions and select Submissions from the dropdown menu.

2. Check the box that appears to the left of the applicant(s) you would like to message.

3. Click the Group Actions button that appears below the table, then click Message.


Important Notes:

If you are messaging more than 50 applicants at once, be sure to expand the number of applicants per page by using the dropdown found at the bottom of the page. 


• Only the Account Owner and Program Manager permission levels allow for messaging. 

• You can message Submitted and In Progress applicants using this method.

When sending a bulk message, all applicants are automatically blind copied. This means that applicants cannot see other applicants who received the message.

Messages automatically appear to come from the Organization, not an individual. If you would like an applicant to have your personal email, name or other contact information, please include it in your message.

You can save your message as a template to re-use as more potential applicants start applications.

Applicants will receive an email notification when they receive an Acceptd message, but they must navigate to their Acceptd inbox to reply (they cannot reply to the email notification).

For applicants who have already submitted their applications, you can also message them individually from the Messages tab in their application.



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