Getting Started with the Acceptd API




Acceptd's open API allows third-party software to import and export data directly from Acceptd.


  1. To begin using the Acceptd API, submit a request for Acceptd API access by clicking on the Sign Up link at
    • You'll be asked to provide contact information, the name of the Acceptd partner organization(s) you'll need to access, and some basic information about your intended use.
    • Our Engineering team will reach out with your login credentials when they are ready!
  2. Once you have received your credentials, you can log into the API to create your access token(s). Acceptd's API provides access to the following information:
    • Applications
    • Rating Scales
    • Stages
    • Tags
    • Users
    • Schedules
    • Import
    • Lookup Data
  3. Our API Documentation page has additional information about Acceptd's API capabilities and allows you to test and validate your tokens and configuration.


Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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