Setting up a Slate Import




For organizations who use Slate, the Slate Import delivers data from Slate directly into Acceptd. 


To build a Slate Import (Slate to Acceptd), your team should follow the steps below: 


Slate Team
  1. Submit a request for Acceptd API access by clicking on the Sign Up link at
    • Our Engineering team will reach out with your login credentials when they are ready!


Acceptd Account Owner

  1. Create your Admin Only questions and assign the questions to the programs accepting the import.
    • We strongly recommend using only Text or Large Text question types when building Admin Only questions for your integration. Any character in a data set that does not match the specific criteria of other question types in Acceptd may not be supported during the integration, causing the Admin Question to remain blank or display an error message after data delivery.
  2. From the Organization tab in Acceptd, select Integrations from the menu.
  3. Click on the Create Slate Import Integration button.
  4. Name the import.
  5. Use the dropdown menu to Select Matching Criteria.
    • Email: Match the applicant's Acceptd account email address with the email address used to submit their Slate application.
    • Question: Enter the Question ID of the Acceptd question to be matched and the Slate Key for your organization.
      • If your applicants provide a specific identifier such as a Slate ID number within their application, you may choose to use Question as the Matching Criteria. The Question ID for the Acceptd question can be found by navigating to your Application Questions table via the Programs tab and adding the column for Question ID.  
  6. Map your columns by entering the name of the Slate field (this must exactly match the name of the Slate field) and select the corresponding Admin question where the Slate information should populate. 
    • Use the Add Column button to configure all fields needed in the desired integration. 
  7. Click Save.
    • Once the import has been configured, the Slate Import Configuration table on the Integrations page will display the individual connections. 
  8. Copy the string of characters displayed in the Token column of the Slate Import Configuration table and provide this Rest API endpoint to your technology team contact.


Slate Team
  1. When you receive your new credentials from our team (and the steps above have been completed by an Account Owner), log in to
  2. Name your token. 
  3. Click on the Create Token button. 
  4. Copy your new bearer token. 
  5. Log in to Slate to call the Acceptd REST API endpoint (provided by your Acceptd Account Owner). 
    • If you have additional questions, you can request a detailed guide from our Account Relations Team at We kindly request that you copy your Acceptd Account Owner on your email to quickly route your request to your organization's Account Relations Specialist.



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