How do I unassign Application Questions?


You can manage application question assignments from both the Programs table and the Application Questions table. Depending on your preference, please follow the associated steps below.


From the Application Questions table

1. Navigate to Programs and select Application Questions from the dropdown menu

2. Select the checkbox next to the question(s) that you would like to unassign

3. Click the Group Actions button at the bottom of your screen and select Assign Programs from the menu

4. Deselect the checkbox of the program(s) that you no longer want the question assigned to

5. Click Save Assignment


From the Programs table

1. Navigate to Programs and select Programs from the dropdown menu

2. Click on the program that you would like to edit

3. Select Application Questions from the tabs along the top of the program editor that opens

4. Click the - next to any question that you would like to remove from the program. This will move the question from the Application Questions side to the Available Questions side. If you have selected multiple programs, the number in parentheses next to the question indicates how many programs the question is assigned to.

5. Click Close to save your changes

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