Uploading Assets to Basecamp (size requirements, etc.)

After your contract is signed, your team will receive an invitation to Basecamp, our project management software. Any photos, logos, or other assets should be uploaded into the "Client Marketing Materials" folder in Basecamp.

Please remember to get photos to us as soon as possible, but at least 10 business days before your campaign begins. If we do not get assets in time, your campaign may be delayed.


Preferred Logo for your Program

  • Largest size you have - but at minimum 800x800 pixels
  • PNG preferred
  • White or transparent background preferred
  • Horizontal logo preferred

Spotlight Email Assets Needed

  • One (1) banner image (800x275px)
  • One (1) logo
  • Three (3) square images (600x600px)

Social Media Assets Needed

  • 3-5 square images (600x600px)
  • No text over photos - Facebook has strict rules about text on photos in ads
  • If you would like to include a VIDEO, it must be under 60 seconds (preferably 30 seconds). Please providevideo files only, not links.

Blog Post Assets Needed

  • One (1) landscape photo that will be used as a “hero image” and shown in a variety of formats when previewing the post. NO text overlaying this photo. 

Google AdWords Assets Needed (Display Ads Only):

  • 3-5 landscape images (at least 600px tall)

What We Look for in Photos:

  • The higher resolution, the better - but at minimum 800x800 pixels
  • Diversity is always important in photos
  • Variety – a mix of candid photos, campus shots, production photos, group photos, and silly photos are always great!
  • If there are any areas you would like to expand, include photos of those areas. - Example: Need more oboists? Upload photos of oboists.
  • A mix of horizontal (landscape) and vertical photos. - Note: We need at least one good horizontal photo to use for your Spotlight Email and your Acceptd landing page.
  • More options are always better than not enough, so don’t worry about picking out the best ones - leave that up to us! 
  • We have received several questions about “masked” photos taken during the pandemic - we love using those in the mix! It shows students your program KEPT GOING through hardships.


Optional: Program Details

  • Slogans or tag lines
  • Relevant program details
  • Program statistics (placement, diversity, scholarships, etc.)
  • Notable alumni

Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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