How are my numbers impacted by privacy laws?

In the past several months, social media advertising and email marketing have been impacting marketers worldwide due to new privacy protection laws in place. Because of these changes, reporting may not be accurate and we are actively working to find alternative ways of tracking metrics in marketing campaigns. In the meantime, please know that the Recruitment Network numbers are accurate as it is proprietary software. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions—we’re here to help!


How are my Spotlight Email numbers reported? 

Spotlight Emails are being affected by the new Apple Mail Privacy Protection.


What is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection?

Mail Privacy Protection was released on September 20, 2021 on all Apple devices alongside the release of iOS 15, and is available by default on Apple’s latest line of iPhones and iPad. 

Apple Mail Privacy Protection gives users of Apple’s Mail app the option of hiding if and when they open marketing emails, allowing them to mask information such as online activity linked to that device. This prevents email marketers from collecting information from recipients. 

It’s still unclear how many users will opt-in to this feature, but Apple Mail is one of the most popular email clients in use today, largely because it’s the default email application for users of all Apple devices. In 2021, Apple devices accounted for approximately 52 percent of all email opens, according to Litmus. Marketers are prepared to rely less on email open data. Generally, when users are given the opportunity to opt out of data tracking, they take it. We expect these new privacy features to be as popular as previously released iOS features, like opting out of app data tracking.

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Click-through-rates are also decreasing, but are also unreliable. A click-through-rate (CTR) is the number of unique clicks your email receives divided by the number of unique opens. In the past, this was a favored metric for email marketers to measure how effective their content was at motivating their audience to click. However, since CTR is a function of your email opens, Apple’s new privacy changes cause your CTR to plummet downwards artificially. That makes CTR an unreliable metric going forward. 


How are my Social Media Advertising numbers reported?

Privacy changes implemented by Apple on iOS devices affected the ability to target and measure digital advertising. The Apple privacy updates were rolled out in June and prevent digital advertisers from tracking iPhone users without their consent.

With the Apple iOS 14 update, Facebook must request permission from users to track them across apps and websites. If iOS 14 users don’t opt in, ads personalization and performance reporting is limited.

Facebook has said it is underreporting the results of its advertising business on Apple iOS devices, acknowledging that recent privacy changes from the iPhone maker have made it more difficult for brands to advertise on Facebook. “A new ad measurement tool provided by Apple hampered the ability for companies to measure the performance of their ads, upending many of the ways advertisers have been accustomed to doing business for decades. . .” said Snap Chief Executive Evan Spiegel

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