Marketing Tactics Glossary

When you sign up for an Acceptd Marketing campaign, you get year-long Recruitment Network access and interest forms for your landing page. This glossary will help you understand the tactics available to you and how they help you in your recruitment efforts.

Acceptd Landing Page 

Every Acceptd client has an Acceptd landing page, which acts as a one-stop-shop for everything an artist would need to know about your program. They can read about your program, apply or submit an interest form, visit your linked website or social media platforms, watch a quick YouTube video, favorite your page to return to later, etc. The landing page is a huge resource in retargeting artists throughout your campaign. We can retarget artists who have interacted with your landing page, including those who have visited or bookmarked your landing page, and any artist with an in-progress application or interest form. You can customize your landing page content to fit your needs.


Year-Round Interest Forms 

Year-round interest forms are housed on your Acceptd landing page, so artists always have an action to take when landing on your page, regardless of application windows. Available to both applications and non-applications partners. 


Recruitment Network Access + Training

With our one-of-kind Recruitment Network, you have exclusive access to message up to 100 artists per day in our system. We have a database of hundreds of thousands of artists looking for their next opportunity, and waiting to hear from you. 

Looking for more male musical theatre students? We’ve got those. Looking for more bassoon players? Classical ballet dancers? They are all in our database waiting to hear from you. 

Build customized templates to make messaging that much easier, and work with our team to strategize and receive training for your team. 


Premium Directory Listing

Artists find opportunities in our system through our Acceptd Directory. With the Premium Directory Listing, your logo is featured at the very top of the directory, and on the artist dashboard when they login to their profile. When clicked, it will direct back to your Acceptd landing page. Each month there are no more than SIX sponsored logos featured in the directory to ensure your listing is seen.


Spotlight Email

Spotlight Emails highlight everything amazing about your program, and are sent to [up to] 10,000 artists in your target audience. We keep the number around 10,000 because that is where the spam filter lies. We create a HIGHLY customized list based on your marketing goals. We build the Spotlight Email for you, andsend to your team for any edits and approval. 


Social Media Advertising

Ads served from one of the Acceptd social media channels, driving traffic to your Acceptd landing page.We typically stick to carousel ads, which feature multiple photos. We will build the ads, and send them to your team for any edits and approval.

Two-Week Social Media Sprint

Ads served from one of the Acceptd social media channels, with a stronger CTA leading up to a deadline, driving traffic to your Acceptd landing page. Can only be added to campaigns with existing Social Media Advertising.


Organic Instagram Post + Highlighted Story

An organic Instagram post (single photo) promoting your program, published on the Acceptd Instagram account, and featured in our highlighted Instagram stories. 


Google AdWords

Search or Display Ads highlighting your program, driving traffic to your Acceptd landing page. We will build the ads, and send them to your team for any edits and approval. 


Acceptd Retargeting 

You know how when you look at something on Amazon and you start seeing it EVERYWHERE? Acceptd retargeting is the same idea, just within the Acceptd network. So for the length of your campaign, anyone who visits your landing page, your logo will start to “follow” them around whenever they are in the Acceptd platform. 


Sponsored Blog Post 

Sponsored blog posts are published on the Acceptd website, and you are free to repurpose them however you like. We can talk through different ideas for the blog post with you, but it can basically be whatever you would like it to be. Want to talk about one specific aspect of your program that makes it one-of-a-kind? Love it. Want to do a feature about all the stuff to do in the city your program is based in? Cool idea. And if you need help writing it, we can create a first draft to send to you for approval.


Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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