MESSAGING: How do I make sure I’m not messaging artists who have already applied to my program?

We definitely don't want your applicants who have submitted or started an application to receive a recruitment message. Any of these artists can be messaged through the Submissions table. To help you target fresh leads, we've provided you with two columns in the Recruitment Network table to filter out any artists who have begun an application. 


Note: If your program is a festival, summer program, workshop, or any program where artists are encouraged to apply multiple years in a row, these filtered suggestions may not apply to you. 

  • To recruit brand new artists, we recommend setting the Submission and In Progress filters to No:
  • Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 9.39.59 AM.png
  • If you'd like to tailor your messaging to artists who have started an application in the past but never completed it, filter "Has Archived In Progress" by Yes. For further instructions, contact us at


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