How do I run the Cycle Change Wizard?




The Cycle Change Wizard allows you to easily duplicate and archive your programs when you're ready to begin re-setup for your next cycle. Once you run the wizard, your applications will be moved to Archived Submissions and your account will be ready for updates!


Before running the Cycle Change Wizard, please confirm that all of your programs are all closed and that all of your adjudication is complete. 


1. Navigate to Programs and select Programs from the dropdown menu

2. Increase the programs per page view (center bottom of your screen), to ensure that all programs are viewable on one page

3. Select all programs by clicking the checkbox in the top left-hand corner of the table 

4. Navigate to Group Actions and select Cycle Change Wizard from the menu

5. Read the prompt that appears and check the box to confirm that you want to proceed

6. Click Update Programs




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