Zoom Authorization Issue/Restriction


A small percentage of clients using AuditionRoom may have a blocking setting in Zoom set up by their organization’s Zoom administrator which prevents them from starting the Zoom portion of AuditionRoom. Below you will find information on the issue and potential solutions. 



Zoom has an administrative setting that allows organizations to block their Zoom users from hosting meetings created outside of their organization. The setting is within a Zoom Authentication Profile where email domains are whitelisted to allow users to start Zoom (ie tcu.edu). For details, see this article, in particular about 1/2 way down the page.

AuditionRoom uses getacceptd.com as the domain suffix for our meeting hosts. Users who are in an authentication profile with domain restrictions that do NOT have getacceptd.com as an allowed domain will get this error when they attempt to start a meeting in AuditionRoom:




  1. Have your Zoom administrator at the organization make this change in Zoom settings: 
    • Temporarily or permanently add "getacceptd.com" to the supported email domains in the Authentication Profile 
  2. Use a computer that does not have Zoom authenticating through your organization and do not sign into your organization Zoom prior to using AuditionRoom.

**WE ALSO STRONGLY RECOMMEND a "Dress Rehearsal" with AuditionRoom so that users can confirm they are able to launch meetings in Zoom and can navigate AuditionRoom prior to actual audition days.


Having technical issues? Please contact our Acceptd Support Team.



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