Entering Split Screen Mode


We highly recommend entering a split screen* mode between Zoom and your browser so you can adjudicate and view the audition/interview at the same time. Follow these instructions based on your operating system:


Mac Users

Hover the green button in the top left of Zoom and select one of the split screen options. Then select the window on your computer for your browser. 

Read more about split screen mode for Macs. Your experience may vary depending on your operating system version.



Windows Users

Simply drag your Zoom window to the right side of your screen. This will pop it into split screen mode and allow you to select the window that you’d like to appear on the other side.

Having trouble entering split screen mode? Open your computer settings and select System and then Multitasking from the list. Enable Snap and select your feature preferences.

Read more about split screen mode for Windows.


Note: Once in split screen mode, you can click on the break line and drag the split to be larger or smaller on one screen. 

*Split screen will only work if using a laptop or desktop to adjudicate, not a phone or tablet.


Having technical issues? Please contact our Acceptd Support Team.



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