Running Auditions


Starting Auditions
Once you click the Start Auditions button below the schedule, the Remaining Time clock will begin, counting down until the session end time. This will also trigger the queue to begin for auditionees, prompting your first auditionee to enter the Waiting Room.

In Zoom, you will admit your first auditionee and the audition will begin. 


Moving Through Auditions
When each auditionee is finished, they will exit Zoom or you can remove them in the Participants list. Then you can admit the next student from the waiting room.

IMPORTANT: you will need to keep things moving by clicking the Mark Complete button on the last auditionee in the clipboard.


Changing an Auditionees Slot
To make the edits directly, navigate to the specific Room in your left-hand menu, this will pull up the list of auditionees in ascending order. Locate the auditionee you need to edit and click the 3 dots beside their listing.

  • For schedules with individual slots:
    • Remove will completely remove the auditionee from the schedule.
    • Change Timeslot will pull up a list of all open slots to pick from. 
    • Alternatively you can append to end of session. This is helpful if you need to swap 2 auditionees or aren’t sure when the auditionee will be ready to go (in the case of technical issues).


  • For block schedules:
    Applicants have no specific time assigned and audition within the order they are called in.
    • Remove will completely remove the auditionee from the schedule.
    • Move Up will move the auditionee forward by one audition.
    • Move Down will move the auditionee back by one audition.



Ending Auditions
Once your session has ended and you’ve made it through the full schedule, you are free to exit Zoom and close out AuditionRoom.  

Review the guide for adjudicators here for tips & tricks on making the most of AuditionRoom.


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