Creating Rooms




Once your audition schedule is finalized with all applicants in their timeslots and the session close date has passed, feel free to set up your Rooms! Remember, your Rooms will each correspond exactly to the sessions already created in your account. Follow the steps below to create a room.


1. To create a Room in your Lobby, click the Create New Room link in the empty box. This will load a menu of all sessions with the same date as your Lobby. 

2. Select a session and click Add Room

3. Once added, you’ll select the lead adjudicator for the Room from the list of available adjudicators assigned to the session. The lead adjudicator is the person who will oversee the audition order, open the Zoom meeting before auditions begin, enable the waiting room, and begin the audition process when the time comes. If you are not seeing adjudicators listed under the Room, you'll need to add them to the Session(s).

  • To add Adjudicators to the session(s), navigate to Schedule and select Sessions from the dropdown menu. You can edit your sessions in bulk by selecting all applicable ones and then navigating to Group Actions and selecting Override from the dropdown menu. Then check the box next to adjudicators, select all applicable users, and save.

4. When creating a room, you will be prompted to check or uncheck the box next to Record Meeting. Uncheck this box ONLY if you do not wish to record the auditions happening in that Room's zoom call.


5. When creating a room, you will be prompted to check or uncheck the box next to Allow Simultaneous Auditions. This will allow any number of auditionees to be invited into the zoom call at the same time and the call will display as a grid of auditionee videos. This will be used for auditions where you want multiple auditionees to be in one audition at the same time, i.e. Dance Calls.


Important notes: Adjudicators cannot be Moderators. Additionally, if any changes are made to your Session (an applicant needs to move their timeslot), they will not be reflected in the room until the audition day. 


6. For each Room, you’ll repeat this process, until all sessions have been selected. Each time you return to the session menu, only remaining sessions will be selectable. 



Want to make sure you didn’t miss any sessions? Navigate to Schedule, select Sessions from the dropdown menu, and check the Audition Lobby column to see if there are any that are blank.



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