AuditionRoom FAQs


Where should I direct my auditionees for AuditionRoom resources?

Is there a cap on how many people can join the Lobby Meeting?

  • Yes! The Lobby Meeting is limited to 300 attendees.

Is the lead adjudicator able to leave the call during a break?

  • Yes! If they exit the Zoom room, the recording will end and when they return a new Zoom recording begins. All of the recordings will be available to the adjudicators/moderators that have access to the Room under the AuditionRoom page in Acceptd.

Can the lead adjudicator assignment be changed even after the lobby has started?

  • Yes! Account Owners have the ability to change lead adjudicators at any time, which will also update the user allocation within Zoom. Keep in mind that they must already be an adjudicator assigned to the Scheduling session. Otherwise, you won't be able to make the switch!

Where can I find the recordings after our auditions/interviews?

  • If you choose to record your auditions/interviews, you can locate the links to each recording under the Past Lobbies section of the AuditionRoom page. Clicking on the View Recording link will take you to the individual recording where we provide time markers for each auditionee!
  • Recordings are available for all organization users, except ambassadors.

Can you delete AuditionRoom recordings?

  • Yes you can. You'll locate the links to each recording under the Past Lobbies section of the AuditionRoom page, and selecting View Recording by the Room. You'll see a trash icon next to the recording - this is how you can delete it.
  • Once you delete a recording, it cannot be recovered. This is permanent so be sure you want to remove that recording entirely before doing so.



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