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Before creating your Lobbies make sure you’ve discussed your specific Lobby needs with your Account Relations Specialist ( Most organizations will simply have one Lobby per audition day, however, some may have multiple depending on how many sessions their applicants participate in and the specific Lobby details that auditionees need to see.


To begin, navigate to Schedule then select AuditionRoom from the dropdown menu. Click on Create Lobby.

The components to build a Lobby include:

Name - this will appear beneath your organization name and logo. 

Timezone - this should be the same as all the sessions for that day.

Lobby Start Time - the time in which your lobby officially opens, though auditionees may preview it ahead of time.

Moderators - your moderator(s) will be in charge of overseeing your Lobby, popping into Rooms, hosting the Lobby Meeting, and answering any questions that arise.

  • Your moderator(s) cannot be assigned as adjudicators to any scheduling sessions. They are, however, still able to join the rooms if they need to.

Ambassadors - similar to the moderator(s), ambassadors interact with auditionees, answer questions, and may run breakout rooms in your Lobby Meeting. They do not have access to the Rooms.

  • You can add Ambassadors under Manage Organization -> Users. The Ambassador user type does not give the user access to application data.

Include Lobby Meeting? - a Zoom meeting used to host a Lobby-wide presentation, discussion, or simply create a virtual green room for auditionees to meet and chat. 

Meeting Host - one of your moderators needs to be set as the host in order to launch the meeting in Zoom the day-of. Once the meeting is launched, your moderator can assign co-hosts so they are free to continue monitoring the Lobby.

Introduction/Details/Additional Resources - the lobby provides 3 sections for you to include information about your organization, the auditions, and more. Each of these is a tab in the Lobby that auditionees can look through. Here’s what we recommend including in each:

  • Introduction: a schedule of the day (i.e. when to join the Lobby Meeting [if using], reminders about the audition, what to do if an auditionee has more than one audition...etc.)
    • The following are not required and will not appear if not filled in:
  • Details: information about your programs, instructions about what happens after the audition.
  • Additional Resources: links to your website or virtual tours and more information about your organization.


Thank You - after the auditionee exits Zoom from their audition, this message will appear back in the Lobby. Reminders about next steps are good to include here.

You can always come back later to edit these sections, however, we recommend before creating too many Lobbies that you solidify all the information you can. Once you feel good about one Lobby, simply click the Clone button to create a new one. Now all you’ll need to do is update the title + date/time.

To preview your lobby after it's built, you can click the green Join Lobby button to see what it will look like for applicants!



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