Who can see my feedback?


Feedback accessibility varies between organizations, and even between programs of the same organization! Please contact your organization's account owner(s) to confirm your program and organization settings.



Can applicants see my feedback?

  • The default setting in Acceptd does not release your ratings or notes to applicants.
      • If your organization requested access to the Shared Adjudication feature, only Ratings and Notes in the Ratings tab will be shared with the applicant when your account owner manually shares adjudication with the applicant.


  • Your name, contact information, Comments (thread in the Comments tab of the adjudication pane, if applicable), and Recommendations (Yes, Maybe, No buttons that appear above the adjudication pane, if applicable) are NEVER shared with the applicant.


Can other reviewers within my organization see my feedback?

  • This depends on your program's Review Type! If your program does allow other reviewers to see your feedback, then you will also have access to their feedback.
      • If other reviewers have access to your feedback, a list of your fellow reviewers and their feedback will appear in the Overview tab of the application (just to the left of your adjudication pane).


  • If you're unsure about your program settings, please confirm this with your organization's account owner(s). 


Can my organization's account owner(s) see my feedback?

  • All account owners in your organization always have access to your Ratings, Notes, and Comments.



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