How do I input ratings or scores?


Once you are in an application, you will see the rating section on the right-hand side of your screen. For any sliding scales, drag the marker to the value you want to input. For any dropdown, click the menu and make your selection.


You also may have the Decision buttons, just select which choice and the button will then be highlighted.


Your ratings will automatically save once you make your selection. Ratings can be changed or cleared at any time.


You can see when the last change was made by the timestamp that says Last Updated.



Applicants will NEVER have access to your numeric ratings, written comments or recommendations/final decisions through Acceptd. 

However, unless your program has instituted a blind review process, all other administrators and reviewers at your organization will have access to your feedback. Check with the Account Owner at your organization if you have questions about your specific review process.


Note: More information on how to change or clear your rating.


Are you an administrator for an arts organization? Would you like to learn more about Acceptd's resources? Check out more at: Applications | AuditionRoom | Marketing



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