How do I export my schedule?



Exporting your schedule allows you to share it outside of Acceptd, print your schedule, or view it in a spreadsheet! You can export your timeslots for an individual session or an entire schedule.


OPTION 1: Export your scheduling information from the Schedule Tab

To export an individual session, locate the event in your calendar and double-click it to view the Session Details. At the top of your timeslots next to the name of the session will be an Export button. Just click this to download a .csv file of the timeslots for this session!




To export all of the sessions in a schedule, select a schedule from the left-hand side of your Calendar. This will open the Schedule Editor, and you'll see all the sessions assign to this particular schedule. Just click the Export button at the top of your sessions to download a csv. file of all the timeslots!




OPTION 2: Export your scheduling information from the Submissions Table

From your Submissions Table, add columns for any information found under the Scheduling heading. (We recommend adding the most frequently used columns of Timeslot Start, Schedule Name, and Sessions!) Then you can use the Export icon above the table to export your table data.




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