How do I import information into my applications? (Account Owners)



Importing information into your applications via Admin Only Questions allows you to view additional information about your applicants that you may have collected externally!


1. To begin, please reach out to our Account Relations Team. We'll be happy to confirm some details for your setup and enable the Import Setup feature on your account!

2. Create your Admin Only questions. 

3. Assign your Admin Only questions to the needed programs. 

4. Create and/or format a CSV file with the information you need to import. 

  • You must provide a Matching Criteria for the import to match the imported answers to the correct applicant. We recommend including a column for the Application ID in your CSV file to use for this purpose as it is a unique identifier and ensures a more accurate match. 



5. After the Import Setup feature has been enabled by your Account Relations Specialist, navigate to Organization at the top of the page, then select Import Setup from the dropdown menu.



6. Click on the Create a New Import button.



7. Name your Import and click Save.

8. Double-check your Row Configuration. If your spreadsheet includes headers, leave this box checked.

9. Select your Matching Criteria and the column(s) in your CSV file that contains those criteria.


  • Again, we strongly recommend using the Application ID as your Matching Criteria, but you can use any of the available options. 
  • For any "Or" option, the import will first try to match the first criteria in the string. If a match is not found, the import will then try to match the second criteria combination in the string. For example, the "Email or First Name/Last Name/Postal Code or First Name/Last Name/DOB/Program ID" criteria will first try to find a matching Email. If a matching Email is not found, the import will then try to match the second criteria combination of First Name/Last Name/Postal Code. If this criteria combination is not found, the import will then try to match the third criteria combination of First Name/Last Name/DOB/Program ID. All independent criteria must be included as a column in your CSV file to work effectively.

10. Configure your Columns by matching the column in your CSV file to the Admin Only question.


  • For example, information from Column C in the CSV file in Step 4 above should be filled into the "School ID" Admin Only Question. 
  • You can add as many columns as necessary by clicking on the Add Column button. 

11. Upload your CSV file by clicking on the green Choose File button, then click Send File. This will automatically fill in the Admin Only fields in your applications! 


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