How do I create an FTP connection for exported data?




Creating an FTP connection allows you to automatically import data from your Acceptd submissions into other software. This is a great way to keep all of your platforms in sync!


1. To begin, please reach out to our Account Relations Team. We'll be happy to confirm some details for your setup and enable the FTP feature on your account!

2. Once FTP connections have been enabled on your account, navigate to Organization at the top of the screen, and select FTP Setup from the dropdown menu.

3. On the FTP Setup screen, click the New Connection button. In the popup window that appears, complete the following fields:

  • Name: The name you'll use to remember this connection.
  • Host: The address of the receiving platform.
  • Protocol: Select the appropriate protocol for your connection (usually SFTP).
  • Port: The port used by the receiving platform.
  • Username: The username used to log into the receiving platform.
  • Password: The password used to log into the receiving platform.
  • Path: The file path to the destination within the receiving platform. Acceptd will create a directory in this location which corresponds to an Acceptd user ID.

4. After completing all fields, click Test Connection to test for any connection issues.

5. Once your FTP connection is set up, create a table view with the data to be exported, then set up an automated daily export.


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