What should my messages say?


  • Focus on using the message as a conversation starter. Write in your own voice and keep it conversational.
    • Remember that these artists are also receiving a Spotlight Email, so the goal of Recruitment Network messages is to make a more personal connection.
  • Mention the profile content that caught your attention.
  • Don’t cut and paste content from your public page.
  • Ask about their education and/or career goals.
  • Ask a question [will give applicants more incentive to respond].
  • Include your location in the message.
  • Include your phone information and/or website hyperlink in the message so they know who to call and/or where to visit for more information.
  • Be brief and to the point [if you share too much, they may not feel the need to reply].
    • Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs to highlight your program’s opportunities
  • Express interest in helping the recipient reach their goals, rather than your needs.
  • Focus on exploring their availability and interest.



  • Students from your alma mater high school.
  • Residents from your hometown.
  • Users in a location you’re visiting for recruitment soon.
  • Artists that have media uploaded.
  • Artists who have logged in recently.

See this info in the video walkthrough.


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