MESSAGING: How do I build a message template?

You can create a template from your Messages area. Templates are helpful when you want to message multiple artists at a time.

  • Access the Messages by clicking the dialogue bubble.

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 8.33.31 PM.png

  • Click on Templates
  • Choose New Template or edit an existing template by clicking the pencil icon

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  • Name your template
  • Toggle Shared to green if you want to share your template with others in your organization
  • Choose a Type - either general or recruit.
    • NOTE: You MUST select recruit if you want to see and use this template in the Recruitment Network.
  • Create your template with template fields
    • Keep messages brief (2-3 sentences)
    • We recommend starting with your preferred greeting and the artist’s first name. Click Insert Template Field to select the artist’s first name, i.e. “Hello, <Recipient First Name>!” 
    • Use bullet points to highlight information
    • Hyperlink to important information
    • End with a Call to Action like "Apply Now" or "Learn More, and make sure you direct the artists to your Organization’s Acceptd landing page, which you can find under Insert Template Field
    • Once you are satisfied with your message, click Save

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(See this in a video walk-through)


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