Programs Menu (Account Owners and Program Managers)





Our new Programs menu gives Account Owners and Program Managers easy access to view and edit all settings related to programs. Click on a link below to learn more about that page or table!

Note: available menu options may vary by user.

  • Eligibility: The Eligibility table allows you to easily add and edit Eligibility requirements that applicants must agree to before starting an application.
  • Application Questions: The new Application Questions table allows you to add and edit all of the application questions for your programs. More resources for this new table are coming soon!
  • Recommender Questions: The Recommendation Questions table allows you to add and edit the questions that recommenders will be asked to complete.
  • Rating Scales: The Rating Scales table allows you to add and edit rating scales and criteria for adjudication for all of your programs.
  • Guideline TemplatesFrom the new Guideline Templates screen, you can easily create and edit guidelines for use with multiple programs. More resources for this screen are coming soon!
  • ProgramsThe Programs table is a centralized hub to edit program names, deadlines, guidelines, confirmation messages, and much more.
  • Reviewer Assignments: This new screen allows for easy assignment of reviewers to their programs. More resources for this screen are coming soon!
  • Test Applicants: Creating test applicants allows you to preview application questions before programs open for applications. Test applicants can also be used for AuditionRoom testing.


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