The Auditionee Experience & Troubleshooting


If auditionees are experiencing difficulty or have questions related to your organization, they can reach out for assistance. When this happens all Moderators and Ambassadors will get a notification and whomever is available can click on the request to begin a chat with the auditionee. Review the auditionee FAQs and guides here.



Looping in a Moderator or Lead Adjudicator:

If an auditionee needs to change their audition slot, a Moderator or Lead Adjudicator must be the one to assist them as Ambassadors do not have access to edit audition schedules.

To connect the auditionee with someone who can help, initiate a new Direct Message, select the auditionee and the moderator or lead adjudicator and then click the green Direct Message button to start the chat. The 3 of you will now be a chat together and you can communicate the auditionee's needs to the moderator or lead adjudicator.




If you or your applicants are experiencing technical issues, please contact our Support Team.



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